Mystic South Recap

Mystic South – a DreamerTheresa recap:

To be honest, I nearly bailed on going due to all the personal emergencies I’ve been dealing with. Said emergencies have kept me from making much art, and I didn’t feel like I had enough art to really bring, or enough energy to go. I had like… two prints that would be appropriate for the con, much to my dismay.

But I had already paid for my space, and my tribe mate Tracey had already taken off of work to go with me, so away I went.

I am so, so, so glad I did not bail.

It was an adventerous weekend. There was a water main break on Saturday, which destroyed the ability for the hotel to have running water. Or air conditioning. I feel that issue ran off many people, and I wound up not selling anything.

However, several people took cards and seemed interested in future commissions (and prints of the owl painting when I get them made. Wish I’d finished her sooner and had prints ready. Lesson learned.)

I met several FB friends who I hadn’t met in person before.

In a con where I didn’t know anyone else, I was humbled that there were several people who recognized my art and who said followed this FB page, and one who had even watched me do some of the owl painting on Twitch! I’ve received some fantastic feedback for future cons/art fairs.

I went to a couple panels which were great.

The hotel did a great job trying to keep everyone comfortable on Saturday, and the con heads did a fantastic job with the cards they were dealt with a first-run con. I cannot wait to go back next year.

P.S. – my Owl Guide painting will be on etsy next week, and I should have prints of her in the next week or two.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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